Family Photography {Chandler Family, Alabama}

Family Session

Ashley Newman Photography {Tuscaloosa, AL}

This family means a lot to me and I love the heart they have for one another. They are open, loving and have taken in me in as one of their own. A few days before the session, Rebecca called me to talk about her dad. He's very special to her for obvious reasons, but it's more than just a father-daughter relationship. It spreads through out their entire family and touches everyone they come into contact with. 
She spoke of his nature, of his bravery and honor, and mostly of tradition. While I got to learn a lot about some of his hobbies and honors, the thing left on my heart was his character. Tradition- it defines us and our families. This holiday season, Mr. Chandler will dress up in his best suit, like he does every year, and take his family to a nice dinner. They will share life, listen to stories retold over and over, and enjoy one another. Life is too short and precious to be spent on anything else. You guys are doing it right and you just make my heart soar.

Thank you for inviting me in to your traditions and for allowing me to continue to work with your family.


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