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Ashley Newman Photography {Tuscaloosa, AL}

We stood at the entrance of the city in downtown Tuscaloosa. People watched from traffic as we played and chased the setting sun. I think we got the better deal… The boys couldn’t stop loving on their sweet baby sister- kissing hands, nuzzling cheeks and trying to coax smiles out of her. So. Much. Love. I hope that when the Bishop family looks at these images, spends time pouring over them, and selects the ones they want to hang in their home, that they are filled with more love than can even fit here in this post. that’s my prayer of blessing over this family: a family united with love bursting at the seams. May they always be challenged to do better, be better and to love the way they did this day together under the cherry trees.

Ashley Newman is a professional photographer who serves the West Alabama region: Northport, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham.
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