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Ashley Newman Photography {The Woodlands, Spring}

“Our family is a circle of strength of love with every birth and every union the circle grows.”

The Coles just welcomed their most precious Luke into the world. When I came in, grandma had him swaddled up and was admiring his features, taking in every detail. All the months of waiting for him hung heavy in the air; raw, fresh, and new. Luke is finally here and he couldn’t be more perfect. His parents brought a few family heirlooms to the hospital, unsure if they would use them. Family legacy is too important, I had to incorporate them…a baby quilt that belonged to his father when he was a newborn…a necklace that has been passed down through the family with each baby born…it’s in these small details that we are able to celebrate family and history. Each object holds stories of the past, and they await to tell the story of Luke.

Luke, your name means “light”. My prayer for you is that you will shine your light brightly in this world. That you will carry these stories with you, and hold the heritage of your family within your heart always.

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