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2019 is here and resolutions are in the air!

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? When I was younger I would make promises to myself to start at a new gym, try a new diet or just generally do better, healthier things for myself. As I have gotten older (and realized some times my goals were far too lofty), I have adjusted my expectations to be more long-term and meaningful.
For example, in 2018 I promised myself I would print more family albums and work harder to keep up with backing up personal images of my kids. I also started (and didn’t finish) and 365 project of my kids.

I accomplished 2/3 of my goal for 2018 and feel pretty proud about that.

Making goals that having meaning is so important. Every year I talk to my friends who say, “this year I swear we will do family photos…”, or “For sure we will print these this time.” And they don’t do it.
I would challenge you to do it this year. Take those pictures, invest yourself full in them and then print them. Don’t leave them on your phone, computer or social media. Put them on your walls or in an album on your coffee table.

My children aren’t going to stop growing- I’m betting yours won’t either ;) Preserve your memories in a meaningful way and display your family proudly. After all, that is your legacy and what is more important than that?

For 2019, I am committed to continuing to print my family albums (I only have 3 more to print!) And hiring a dear friend of mine to complete a wall in my dining room that is completely naked!

For more on printing, let’s chat! I’m here to help you make sure every memory is fully and entirely preserved in a way that honors your family.

What is your photographic new years resolution?


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