Planning Family Pictures With What You Already Have


Planning Family Pictures With What You Already Have

Ashley Newman Photography


I mean, how can you not adore these kiddos?

We put together this simple look with things the family already owned in their closet! No one needed to buy a single thing and this mini was a complete success!

Wanna know how they pulled it off? 

  • Focus on neutrals
    Mama found neutral items of clothing with simple designs (no patterns, no logos) for her children. It paid off, because everything coordinated but didn't match.

  • A pop of color
    Shirley wasn't sure what to wear for herself and really debated hard. I love a flowing skirt of an awesome maxi dress, but that just isn't her jam. So we went with an outfit that made her feel comfortable but added a special pop of color to their pictures.

  • Vision and plan
    After going through her closets, she laid out all the choices so she could visually see them. It helps to bring to life what it will look like when you can see it all together. Try a large floor area or even just your bed.

It really can be THAT simple!

It's fun to go out and buy new outfits (mama, I always push for you to treat yourself to something that makes you feel pretty- get your outfit together first!), but you don't have to! 

Check out all the giggles and fun we had together during their session! 

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