On The Family Farm | Picking A Location For Family Photos


On The Family Farm | Picking A Location For Family Photos

Ashley Newman Photography


Picking a location for your session can be difficult 

I have spots that I offer to clients that are private, natural, and allow us to explore together. I know the lighting and I know the land. It really does help when we can find a patch of nature in the big city ;) 

But I also allow room for my clients to choose. 

There are many reasons why you might select a spot that is different than the one suggested.

  • it carries special meaning to you and your family

  • you are going for a specific look

  • or it is your private property

We will always research a location together before making final selection. The lighting could be less than ideal, the property could be crowded, or even require a permit to be on the premises. Keep these things in mind when selecting a location, and rest assured that I'm with you every step of the way to help pick the perfect spot for you. 

This sweet family decided to use their personal property as the backdrop for their photos- and if you take look below, you will see why. 
I will leave you with this: they know how to love, they know how to play hard and adventure together. They have bonds that run deeper than the roots of the trees that fill their property, and an intimate knowledge of every single one of those trees. It was an honor to spend an afternoon exploring their home and getting to know them better.
They know what is important and they keep it close. What story does your family have to tell?

Where should we explore? 

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