Family Heirlooms A Newborn Photography


Family Heirlooms A Newborn Photography

Ashley Newman Photography


It is understood that the beauty of a rainbow does not negate the ravages of any storm. When a rainbow appears it does not mean that the storm never happened or that we are still not dealing with it's aftermath. It means that something beautiful and full of light has appeared in the midst of all the darkness and clouds. Storm clouds may hover, but the rainbow provides a counterbalance of color, energy and hope.

The McPhillips Family is literally holding that hope in their arms today.

I met them at their new home just one day after closing... It was empty and yet somehow more full of possibility than ever. With Hannah's angel-wing necklace and family heirlooms, we went from room to room creating first memories in their new home. 

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Picking a time mid-day really helped us in the smaller spaces of the house. While it had great light (and is seriously drool worthy beautiful), we needed the light to come through for nice bright pictures. I think it's only suiting that the sun was particularly sunny when we met to photograph their rainbow baby. 

Precious Ellory, your name means "cheerful" and you are already bringing more joy to the hearts of those you touch than you can fathom. It was my absolute honor to be with your family and know your story.
My prayer for you is that you will grow up strong and fill the rooms of this home with love, laughter, light and hope.

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