Hand In Hand | Family Photographer


Hand In Hand | Family Photographer

Ashley Newman Photography


The sun broke through the clouds as if to shine just for the Crawford family.

Evan in his cowboy hat, Trevor close to mom (but too cool for snuggles), and Anna Kate collecting flowers in the field…this sweet family steadied my soul and reminded me what love looks like during a busy season of life.
These images are more than family pictures….it’s 17 year of marriage, and faith…it’s intricate bonds built between each child and their parent, stolen snuggles (because you’re never really too cool for snuggles), football in the field and twirling in the autumn sun… The way Mindy speaks about her family is truly the secret to happiness- admiration, contentment and unwavering love. The perfect day spent in love.

Ok, so how did they pull this off?

  • Wardrobe: Mindy put herself first. (You read that right, mom!) She planned her outfit before anyone else. When she felt comfortable and like she looked good in her clothing, she started to plan everyone else.

  • Collaborator: The Crawfords considered themselves partners in creating memories of their family. There will be times when the photographer wants you to engage with them, but there are other times when the photographer is simply observing. They used that time to be themselves and enjoy the their children. The result is natural, honest connections.

  • Experience: They didn't anticipate the end result. Instead, they embraced whatever the feeling was at the moment (and with young children, you know that feeling can change multiple times in just a few short minutes). They were fully present with their children and that made for the best memories.

Ashley Newman Photography is a Woodlands Family Photographer and Storyteller specializing in outdoor family photography. In addition to lifestyle family portraits, Ashley offers day-in-the-life legacy sessions, outdoor maternity sessions, fresh 48 hospital portraits and in-home newborn photography. Ashley serves Montgomery county areas including Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, and Magnolia.