Family Photography {Youngblood Family, Alabama}

Family Session

Ashley Newman Photography {Tuscaloosa, AL}

Oh Youngbloods! I have had the privilege of working with this family since 2013! Despite our distance, I somehow get to keep working with them! It's pretty incredible and Jenn makes me feel so loved and much a part of their family :) Mr. C was just a little bump when we first met but my how he has grown! He ran around our little space, picking flowers and dragging his elephant with him every step- I would have snagged him up for snuggles except he only had eyes for daddy on this chilly morning! Being a part of the Youngblood family is truly an honor. Thank you for continuing to trust me and share in your journey.

  • Coordinate colors, but don't match
    The days of everyone in a white shirt and blue jeans are over. It's way overdone and unoriginal. Instead, pick one or two colors and try to coordinate tops and accessories. They don't have to match exactly, just have a general scheme. 
  • Think about your Home
    Do you have color theme going in your home? These pictures will be hanging on your wall- think about how that will look with the rest of your decor. 
    You want classic and timeless- these are pictures you will have for years to come! 
  • Avoid Patterns
    Some pattern is nice, but too much is visually distracting. 
    **Instead, spice it up with pops of color, fun accessories, varying textures, layered clothing and colors for a more unique feel!
  • Look for Clothing Collections
    Most clothing shops for children have coordinating collections- check them out! It's an easy way to coordinate without everyone matching exactly. 
  • Plan Ahead!
    Once you book your session, try to begin planning outfits right away. No one wants to be rushing around the day of their photoshoot trying to find an outfit. Also, plan for haircuts and trying out new makeup before your session, so you are sure everyone looks their best. 
  • Say NO To Characters
    I know your kids really love Disney, but these outfits can be just as distracting as patterns. 
  • Have Fun
    Your photographer wants to capture the best version of your family. Come ready to laugh and play!

    For my visual learners, check out my pinterest board at: What to Wear to get some fun ideas! 


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