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Ashley Newman Photography {Tuscaloosa, AL}

Some times it's hard to revisit a session. As an artist you invest and connect to your work and your subjects. As a human, you pour your heart into what you offer every family you touch. This family is no exception- except perhaps only in that I love them. Truly. 
We grow and we change. It's difficult to see, but when you are forced to revisit something...and really go over every part, you'll find it there. 
As I began to pull blog posts and mark them for editing, I had avoided this one. 
Not only is it a family I care for deeply, but also a session I was proud of. 
Quickly, I weed out images that no longer meet my standards. I select ones that I think I can edit to work with my style and pull more consistency. And then it happens. I have to sit with the images. I must look at faces and go over their every feature. I have to face my faults and places I messed up. I quickly begin to tear myself and my work down. 
And isn't that life? Isn't that bringing another human into this wonderfully complicated world? 
Before, it was just two imperfect there is this tiny, darling, perfect little soul in the room. So small, yet he takes up so much space. 
He calls out our imperfections in the night, when we are weak and tired...
*But* he clings to the perfect love that only his parents can offer.
I love that having a baby changes us in the most raw ways. I love that working with families changes my heart in some of the same ways. And today, I love that I opened these images, had a look at myself and I'm able to share this with you. What a wonderful family! 

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Ashley Newman Photography is an on-location portrait artist who primarily serves the Tuscaloosa Alabama region.
She captures newborns, maternity, babies and family milestones. 

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