Newborn Photography {Baby Oliver}

Newborn Session

Ashley Newman Photography {Tuscaloosa, AL}

I have known Leslie since I was a freshman in high school! Isn't it funny how the world works and keeps us all connected? I was good friends with her sister for a long time, so naturally I have been close to her family for a big part of my life. As fate would have it, Leslie and I went for a casual girls night out to get our nails done. While there, she told me she was positive she was pregnant but had been too nervous to take a test. We immediately went across the street to a local super market, where she purchased and used a test (we are just crazy like that). In that bathroom we found out together that baby Oliver would be joining their family. We gushed and giggled and held on tight to the dream of the baby to come. She already had names picked out and I knew I would be capturing all their special moments as a family of three. 
Oliver, I was there when your brave and strong mama gave birth to you. I watched as your daddy stood proud, in awe of his wife and in love with you. You have a bright light, sweet boy, and I'm looking forward to watching you shine it everywhere you go. 

Ashley Newman Photography is an on-location portrait artist who primarily serves the Tuscaloosa Alabama region.