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Ashley Newman Photography {Tuscaloosa, AL}

This mama put some big trust in me and my vision. When we started discussing a maternity session for her, she was already feeling ready to have her baby. When I told her what I wanted her to do, she gave me the thumbs up, and I'm so excited that she did. Trusting someone with your memories is a huge deal, but trusting the vision of the photographer *and* agreeing to meet in the woods so you can climb into a lake is HUGE! you have to be friends after that huge. 
It was during Olivia's session that I feel like I first began to see the light. Not anything spiritual (though I supposed in some ways it was), but to actually transition my work into what it is today. 
I started to see the sun see the little specs dance on the beams of light that cast down over her...and when I sat down to edit her images, I started to see the skin tones I was all began to fall into place. It's an odd feeling, honestly. To know the moment you started to see light...
With my roots in 2D art, it was a difficult transition for me. I was taught and trained myself to see light in different terms. This was a defining moment for me, and I'm glad it happened during a defining moment for her- on the edge of change herself, waiting on her son to arrive. A precious soul that would change the dynamic of their family and alter their lives in a huge way. 
Thank you, Olivia, for being so brave and for embracing this adventure with me. 
Check out Olivia's maternity session, explore the light with me and watch as we grow and change together. More awesome things to come! 

Ashley Newman Photography is an on-location portrait artist who primarily serves the Tuscaloosa Alabama region.

She captures weddings, newborns, maternity, babies and family milestones. 

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