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Fresh 48 Session

Ashley Newman Photography {Tuscaloosa, AL}

Oh my goodness! Another fresh 48 because some how I get to be the lucky one in the hospital snuggling precious newborns. 

When I walked in, the room was quiet and still. Everyone had been resting, including baby girl! I tried to get started right away, since there were no nurses or doctors to bother us or try to poke and prod baby. But, as some babies prefer, she wanted to be held and rocked. It’s kind of hard to take a picture of a rocking baby, so we had to work fast.
We tried feeding her some more, but she just wasn’t having it. After a clean diaper and a super snuggly swaddle, we had a little bit of a foundation to work with. 

Between low shushing (which, if I’m honest, could probably put me to sleep as well!), a gentle hand placed on her tummy and a good swaddle, I could snap a few pictures. It was actually kind of a fun challenge. I would shush her and step away, grab my camera and take a few images. Then her bottom lip would form the sweetest boo-boo lip you ever saw, pushing out in distaste for her situation and I would immediately begin the process over again.
Those first sweet months and moments…so tender and sweet. Their needs so simple- just you. That is all she wanted was to know someone was there loving on her. Don’t worry, baby girl, I got you. 

These are a few of my favorites from their hospital session. Mom and dad- you are in trouble with this little spit fire. And I don’t think they would have it any other way!

Ashley Newman Photography is an on-location portrait artist who primarily serves the Tuscaloosa Alabama region.

She captures weddings, newborns, maternity, babies and family milestones. 

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