Fresh 48 Photography {Adelman Baby}

Fresh 48 Session

Ashley Newman Photography {Tuscaloosa, AL}

She’s finally here! And look at those sweet cheeks and that perfect little smile! I swear she looks like a little baby model ;)
She’s so perfect and I was so full of excitement when I walked into their little hospital room. So fresh and new and full of hope for the future.
The Adelman family has been through so much to get to this place and the amount of love that came pouring out of their room was almost overwhelming. 

I remember when I first talked to mama- nervous and excited, but the connection we had was undeniable and meant to be. I knew (at least I hoped!) that we would work together. Once everything was set up, we just waited anxiously for baby girl to get here.
And then finally she was here.
It’s such an amazingly powerful, earth moving thing when a new baby takes their first breath earth side.
Everything else seems so…meaningless. But the world already looks better. 

And here I am, standing in this very private moment, sharing this with them. Watching them coo and smile at their new baby girl. Lips to cheek. Faces so close, eyelashes gently brush her forehead. Tiny hands gripping so tightly onto daddy’s finger.
That first night in the hospital- the first night of a new and different love. 

Humbled, I sort through their gallery of images- how do you decide which ones to send and which are not worthy?
It’s a good thing her parents will be working with me for a year, because I will get the chance to see her through to her first birthday, and watch to see the little girl she will grow to be. 

Adelman family, enjoy your precious gift. Looking forward to more moments like these to share with you.

Ashley Newman Photography is an on-location portrait artist who primarily serves the Tuscaloosa Alabama region.