Family Photography {Webb Family}

Family Session

Ashley Newman Photography {Tuscaloosa, AL}

Oh Webb Family! I’m so glad I finally caught you! My friend, you have been trying to convince your house of boys that they wanted family pictures for a long time. Worth the wait indeed!
As her boys get older and go off to find their own adventures, it’s so important to make sure you capture your family! I know so many people who feel like family pictures are only for when you have young children- it’s just not the case! Hey, it may be more difficult to convince your older children that they actually want to do this, but some times (especially in a house full of all boys!) mom knows best! 

I know she feels like it was only yesterday that her boys were babies and now we are putting them on the four wheelers and chasing the light together. New adventures await but not before we document the Webb family just as they are in this season. 

Doing life together with two older boys meant we had to make the session unique to their family and interests. What better way than to incorporate some of the daily activities they participate in and the fun they have together in the neighborhood they live in.
I arrived the day before their shoot because I had never worked this location before. I wanted to scout the area and look for good places to work. As a rule, I try not to box myself in so it was good to get out and explore. When the session day came, we hopped on the four wheelers and drove out to the location. Every time I would see a spot that looked good, we would stop and steal a few images and then just drive around. It was so peaceful and relaxed! And in the end, I got some of the best smiles (and goofy boy smiles, huh mom?) because they were loving getting out in their element and showing me around! We ended with a small game of football as the sunset.
Isn’t it fun to be challenged and see how different each family it? Oh, this is exactly why my heart is in working with families!

Ashley Newman Photography is an on-location portrait artist who primarily serves the Tuscaloosa Alabama region.