Newborn Photography {Stoddard Twins}

Newborn Photography Session

Ashley Newman Photography {Tuscaloosa, AL}

This cool family had me at Totoro. 
Yeah, my nerd heart may have squealed with joy when I walked into their home. The Stoddards are a pretty awesome couple, who were blessed with two pretty darling boys. When we first talked about their Fresh 48 (and then their newborn- because we all know these babies change and grown so much in the first few weeks!), their family style came out immediately. Between discussing ideas with books, capes, and action figure super hero themes, I knew we were going to get along just fine. 
I showed up on a hot, lazy afternoon with my sister. Twins are a lot and I called in reinforcements. Christian did too- her mama was there helping with the boys :) It was a team effort. We searched the house for the best light, and decided that their nursery had the prettiest lighting and the best set up for us. We got to work quickly, gushing over babies, talking about their NICU stay, and admiring all the work that had gone into their darling nursery. Before we knew it, the boys were ready to eat again and the session was over! Man, time really flies when you are having fun, huh? 
After I left I spent time thinking about how important names are. I always like to look up the names of my newborns. Luke, your name means "light giving". This really stuck with me, as we have a light bringer in our family as well. Oliver, your name signifies peace. I think together, these boys will be bringing a lot of light and love into the world, don't you? 

Luke and Oliver, you are precious miracles who are so very adored by your family. Here are a few of my favorites from our session! 

Ashley Newman Photography is an on-location portrait artist who primarily serves the Tuscaloosa Alabama region.