6 Month Photography Session

Watch Me Grow: Milestone Session

Ashley Newman Photography {Tuscaloosa, AL}

Sweet Gregory family, you know you have my heart right? You guys have been trusting me with your memories for a long time now. We found each other, and I can't leave this family behind! 
I have been watching your sweet boy grow, but you have been watching me too. I have been in transition with my work. It's an odd place to be, honestly. It feels strange at times...to still be working and pouring into clients, but also be changing. I guess that is what is so great about milestone sessions. But even better, Baby's First Year Packages. We grow together and I love being able to do that. 
When we get together again, it's like family! 
I really can't believe he is already 6 months old. He's growing and his personality is coming out more and more each day. From a sweet newborn, to this chunky little sitter, I love watching babies transform right before my lens. 
For this session, big sister jumped in and I couldn't resist. We ran through the woods, played together (had a bottle) and just enjoyed catching up. For me, it's about more than just taking pictures, it's about getting to know who I am with and what makes their family so special. 
Let's get to know one another!

Ashley Newman Photography is an on-location portrait artist who primarily serves the Tuscaloosa Alabama region.