One Year Photography Session {Oliver}

Milestone Session

Ashley Newman Photography {Tuscaloosa, AL}

Another year of life to celebrate. Another beautiful, unique family. Another soul growing and changing and becoming a tiny human. I want to talk with you about how important the father and son bond is. I want to share with you all the intimate details of this session, the way Jason held Oliver tightly and how his little body melted into his. The absolute trust. The clear connection. But, instead, I will leave you with what Oliver's father said, reflecting on the day of his birth. 

"This was such a great day...pretty much the best day ever. Oliver came into the world and has been nothing but a blessing for me, Leslie, and everyone in our lives. 
Ashley Newman did an incredible job of capturing the intimacy and beauty of the moment.
I'll be honest, I was never much for family photos or portraits....that is until I saw the ones she took. Obviously my attention was on my wife and Young Master Oliver and I didn't even notice her taking the photos....but the more I look at these portraits the more I'm made aware of the essential role photography plays in protecting and preserving these incredible moments.
The canvases hanging on our living room wall are on the short list of things for which I would run into a burning building to save.
This photo means everything to me....What makes it so particularly special is that in this moment I wasn't the least bit aware of anything going on around me...and certainly not of there being a "photographer" in the room.
Thanks for capturing this...truly.
My son is more special than I deserve and Ashley's photos capture him in a way that will forever warm my heart."

Oliver, it's been a joy to be such a part of your life. From the day your mother found out you were going to make them parents, through your first year of life. You are something to behold. 

Ashley Newman Photography is an on-location portrait artist who primarily serves the Tuscaloosa Alabama region.