About the Artist

The Woodlands Family Photos


Your Story Is My Mission

I’m Ashley- a self-proclaimed collector of old quilts and sunsets, lover of all things indie-rock and mom of three. I make no apologies for loving your family like my own. After all, this is the good stuff- what it’s all about...the people we love! Watching your story unfold, your family come together and knowing the trust you give me is so humbling. 
I've always been an artist, but my love and appreciation for photography was born the day our oldest son took his first breath. Oh how I wanted to make time stand still!

Our struggle with infertility had ended and the only thing that mattered was finally in our arms. 
I know you and I feel your heart. My family is my world and documenting your unique journey is my favorite story to tell. 

Every family is etched on my heart forever. When you choose me, I choose your family right back.

- xoxo, Ashley

The ANP Team


You Have a Powerful Story

No story is too small and if you don't believe it, I am here to tell you that yours is lovely and wonderful and ready to be shared.

The small details of life can bring emotions that are hard to explain…that’s where I come in! Message me and let’s talk about YOU to see where we can get the good stuff, the memories, your story…

Talk to me…what brings your heart joy?