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Motherhood is a tidal wave of emotions

As a Woodlands family photographer, I want you to remember every last one of them —

It’s nibbling chubby fingers and crying tears of exhaustion.

It’s cheering on first steps and learning to love your new body.

It’s watching them find their imagination and potty training.

It’s their first day of school and “Where did my baby go?!”

It’s everything. All at once. It’s so fast (even when it’s so slow).

It’s the happiest and hardest thing. One wouldn’t be true without the other. We get to have both, every day. 

The Woodlands Family, Maternity & Newborn Photographer

  • the happiest & hardest days of our lives

Time is
called a lot
of things...

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… a gift, a thief, money, priceless, wasted, precious.

But I see it simply as the page-turner.

Our life is a story. One that we write. Time is just turning the pages.

You might not be able to control when those pages turn,

but you can do your best to remember the story.

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Let's do this

Choose Your Adventure

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Can we chat
mom-to-mom for a sec?

This ish is hard.

But I’ve learned over and over that there is magic in the madness. There are crazy, emotional, romantic, fun-filled moments that happen every single day.

When the dust settles from the chaos, what’s left is the memories.

Most of these little years are a beautiful blur … and mom-to-mom, you’re going to want to remember this.

I want to be your
forever photographer


Like, let’s just put a standing date in our calendars now and set it to recurring, for oh, maybe … 8 years?

Here’s the thing: when I meet you, I start telling the story of your family. And I wanna keep doing it, year after year. I don’t just want to photograph your now. I wanna keep reminding you of how great you’re doing, how loved you are, and how special your family is. For years to come. I want to be your Woodlands family photographer. 

Family, Maternity, and Newborn Photography for The Woodlands & Surrounding Areas

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Located in The Woodlands

bold & colorful

outdoor + studio

Featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, a beautifully designed boho-inspired neutral space, and a constantly expanding client closet, our studio is the perfect setting for your next family session.

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