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Hi, I'm Ashley!

Ashley Newman

Hi, I'm Ashley!

Life isn’t always Instagram-able
Sometimes it’s downright stressful

Am I allowed to say that out loud?

I have no idea, but let’s roll with it.

Does this sound familiar? It’s the day of your photo session … the kids are fighting, the baby pooped his pants, and you still don’t know what you’re wearing. Then there’s the outfits, the weather, and the attitudes (from the toddler, the teen, or the less-than-pumped husband).
You arrive and try to corral your children and smile through the circus that is this season of life. On the way home, you cross your fingers and pray that you got at least ONE good photo.

Been there. Lived that Hot Mess Express. (You should see how much I sweat when we get our own family photos done. We’re talking tissues-in-the-armpits sweat.)

But I’ve learned something in my 14+ years doing this Houston family photographer thing … it doesn’t have to be that way. Your family can play, read books and just let the moments happen. You can breathe easy, with your already-planned, coordinated outfits, looking incredible and creating real memories. Let me show you how it’s done.

Also? I’m gonna let you in on a secret …

the hard part isn’t actually taking the family photos. It’s raising the kids.

And I know you’re crushing that part.

I book a session for my family every year and I cry rivers
of happiness every time I see them.

Because seeing what a good job you’re doing in your family photos?
It’s worth all that stress.

You’ve created a life full of love and beauty and magic.

So let’s get you some photos that reflect that … I’ll have you kick off your shoes, chase your kiddos barefoot through the grass, and I might even bring your husband a beer. I can’t wait to show you how beautiful your chaos looks from over here, it’s why I became a Houston family photographer. 

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Motherhood changes


For me, even the journey to motherhood was tough. It took two years of struggling, a tragic loss, and then finally, finally our miracle baby came…Eli.
And he.changed.everything. I think we all expect motherhood to change us. We just have no idea how. Eli came with an extra chromosome that rocked our world. The hardest part for me was that I didn’t see my boy represented anywhere in the world. Not in photos on baby gear at Target, in commercials, and not in the feed of other photographers.

I decided I wanted to show the world what this life looked like. I didn’t want a single memory to go undocumented. I was going to paint my home with pictures of him and any other children we were hopefully blessed with (and we were—1 more through adoption and 1 surprise caboose baby!).

Being a parent to a child with a disability is hard. It’s isolating. But my photos prove my love and devotion for my children, even on the toughest days. I want that proof for you too, no matter what your family looks like. I’d love to be your Houston family photographer and capture every moment. 

Let’s document your life.