Best Prompts For Family Photos


How do we get those genuine smiles and playful moments? Let me let you in on a little secret…

Best Family Prompts For Photos

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I don’t always win every child over that comes to visit me, but when I do, it’s pretty darn great.
So how do you get organic photos like this with your own family? It’s all in the prompts and what your photographer brings to the session.

Don’t get me wrong, some times props are helpful and brings something great to a session but other times its just what YOU bring asa family to the session. If you feel awkward or weird or you aren’t sure what you will do once you get there, don’t worry. That is what this post is all about! Things I want this family to always remember about this season of life- the way only Cookie Monster would get sisters attention, the blanket turned into a swing, and all ( I mean ALL) the family snuggles!

That’s the good stuff. The unprompted stuff that happens naturally and brings out the full story of your family that makes taking pictures this way so incredibly rewarding. Sure, I always work to get those smiles. I promise I will do everything in my power to make it happen.
But you know what is more rewarding than that? Capturing genuine reactions.
It’s playing baby shark and watching your son dance and clap and it’s action shots of what it’s really like raising a toddler. This is the darn good, deep down amazing stuff. I love getting to capture this so much!

My Favorite Prompts:

  • Tickle fight! Everyone sit down, snuggle in and smile. Now it’s time for a tickle fight!!

  • Blanket parachute

  • Telephone- pass along this silly message to your mama!

  • Family hug! Everyone run together and give your best hug!

  • Simba Pose! You know the one- hold your kiddo up in the air and present them to the world!

Take a peek at this family- I’ve been working with them for years, and while I am pretty sure they have heard every prompt I have in my arsenal, they always roll with the punches while we chase their cute girls.
If all else fails, we will embrace the moods of your family, take breaks and of course work to get the genuinely real moments between you.

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