Best Time To Photograph Newborns


When is the best time to photograph your baby? When is the best time to start scheduling your newborn session or fresh 48? What is the best time of day and how should you prepare?
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Best Time To Photograph Newborns

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This is major question I get asked a lot by photographers and parents alike. It’s so hard to tell when will be the best time to take pictures and what to expect when scheduling them.
The answer is that it can honestly vary- it depends on when your baby will be born vs when they are actually born and what type of session you are considering. It’s also dependent on how your delivery goes. Some parents find themselves with an unexpected hospital stay or an earlier than expected birth.

For a Fresh 48, the best time to have your baby photographed is in the name! Within the first 1-2 days after delivery. Sometimes I am able to come the same day a baby is born, especially if your baby is born early in the morning. Other times, I will wait until things are more settled and come on the second day you are in the hospital.

With a newborn session, I like to schedule them 4-10 days after birth. This gives you time to get home and get settled while your baby is still relatively sleepy and snuggly. Sometimes it is necessary to go beyond those 10 days. When this happens, it’s not something to fret over. Lifestyle newborn photography lends itself to a more natural style and doesn’t necessarily need your baby to be sleeping and still all the time.

Both types of sessions happen mid-day for the best lighting. Whatever you decide to do, the timing is imprint so make sure to be in contact with your photographer and communicate when your child has arrived or if there are any complications. I work hard to be flexible for my clients and available around your due date.

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