Breastfeeding Photo Session


In honor of world breastfeeding week, I am sharing 6 tips on how to make your breastfeeding session a beautiful success!

Breastfeeding Photo Session

How To have An Amazing Nursing Photoshoot

Ashley Newman Photography

It’s World Breast Feeding Week, so what better time than to share this beautiful session!
Breastfeeding sessions have a simple beauty to them that manage to transport me back to the days when my own children were little and nursing. They are all about connection, snuggles, and a special bond between you and your child.
Nursing was actually the single hardest thing in my own personal journey- and it really came as a shock to me since no one seemed to be talking about it. I wish now, looking back, that I had documented the journey despite how hard it was for me.
Thankfully, I can still document it for other parents- it has been a super rewarding experience to be able to capture such intimacy between baby and parent.

Let’s talk about how to make sure your nursing session is just as incredible! 

  • Decide on location- This is the first step in planning out your breastfeeding session. I love coming into your space and capturing the rawness and intimacy of your nursing relationship. And I equally love putting you under a mighty oak with the sun at your back, while your feed your baby. Both are beautiful and both require slightly different timing and prep- so be sure to share your vision with your photographer. 
  • Maintain your typical schedule- Feed your baby on your normal schedule and plan your session around that as best you can. Talk to your photographer about what they suggest, specifically timing your session depending on the location you are using. I really like it plan my nursing sessions when your baby won’t be too hungry. You don’t want your baby fully fed, but you also don’t want to offer and them refuse- so somewhere in the middle is the best. I know that is not a definitive answer, but my recommendation is to feed your baby a little before the session and then play or engage with them. Once the session gets started, you can offer again. 
  • Plan those naps- make sure your baby has stayed on their nap schedule for your photo session. A lot of babies will nurse and fall asleep- which honestly makes for some tender and precious photos. If you prefer your baby to be more alert and awake for the session, consider scheduling for when your baby is a little older (around 6-12 months old), or schedule your session after a nap. If you want those dream sleepy baby pictures, try to nurse your baby to sleep at the session. 
  • What if they refuse to nurse or only nurse of a short time? This is about bonding and connecting with your baby. We do not want to force anything so take a deep breath and just enjoy time with your child. Pictures can be stressful and your baby can often feel that pressure surrounding the photo session- give them space to settle in and get comfortable. We will make magic either way! 
  • Can I bring props? I do not focus on props and do not bring any with me for a session like this- I want your bond to shine. However, if you have a special item you want included, just ask! 
  • What to wear? I have written so many blogs on what to wear, but my best advice is to wear something that makes you feel good and is easy to nurse in. Aim for a flowy dress that is nursing friendly, or like the incredible mama in this blog, opt for a more stripped down look. 

    My favorite shops for nursing friendly dresses: 
    Baltic Born
    Pink Blush Maternity

At the end of the day, a fed and connected baby is best. Document your journey in a way that feeds your soul with forever memories. 

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