Breastfeeding Photography


Have you ever thought about documenting your nursing journey? It’s a unique journey for everyone and for some, an incredibly important one to capture. In this post, I talk about what to expect and how to prepare for a nursing session.

Breastfeeding Photography

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Mama could sense it- she knew the day was coming when her little peanut would no longer want to nurse. It’s almost gut-wrenching when you think about it. It’s a bonding experience and it doesn’t always come as naturally as the world makes it seem.
For myself personally, breastfeeding was a huge challenge. Not only did my son have low muscle tone, but he just struggled in general with feeding. I worked so hard to be able to build that relationship, pumping hourly and continuing to work with lactation and speech therapists to get it right.
Before a year old, I got very sick and my supply dried up. I was devastated and defeated. (But proud of how far we made it and what we did accomplish- every journey is so important)
For breastfeeding support check out the local group: The Painted Doula
For others, it is more natural and comes easier and that is ok. No matter what your journey has been, it’s valuable, real and worthy of documenting.
I loved that this family wanted to add some images to capture their journey during their family session.

What To Expect From Nursing Photos
  • Make sure your child isn’t super full or completely uninterested. Sometime if they are too full, when we are in a new place with a new person, there are too many distractions and nursing is the last thing on your child’s mind. I don’t advice that your child be super hungry either or withholding, but a nice place in between is helpful. We don’t want to create pressure on the situation, but rather continue the loving bond you have created.

  • Find clothing that is nursing friendly.

  • Decide on your comfort level for showing skin.

  • Schedule your session in advance and chat with your photographer about what you are hoping to capture.

I love the intimacy of these images. From the family bond, to little hands reaching up to hold mama, or play with toes. It’s a wonderful and beautiful thing to share.

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