How To Prepare For A Family Film


Introducing family films! Take a peek at this family video and our top tips for how to prepare.

How To Prepare For A Family Film

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Ashley Newman Photography

Family videos are something newer to ANP! I am SO THRILLED to be able to not only explore a new expression of my artistry, but also tell stories in a different way. It has been a learning experience but I have loved the journey- it reminds me of when I first started in photography. I’m stretching and growing with you and it means so much to be able to do this.
I want to capture what it felt like to walk under the trees at the park, or your child’s voice…it just brings your story to life. If a picture tells a thousand words, then a video is the whole darn book!
So you have decided to take the plunge and have a family film made- let’s talk about what you need to do to prepare!

  • Plan your time well– your photographer will likely direct you and guide you through the process, but having an activity in mind that your family enjoys will add that level of interest and personalization to any session. If you family is an outdoorsy type, plan a picnic or walk to the park. If you are more chill, let’s play games or read stories together. Have something that will keep you b busy and engaged with each other.

  • Keep moving– I start every session saying this, but it’s worth repeating. Always be touching and moving.

  • Don’t make eye contact– LOL!! That one is hard for me- I see the camera and I feel weird and immediately want to look at it. But try your hardest to engage with your family and pretty much pretend like I am not there. I am there to document you guys, so just think of me as a fly on the wall.

  • Prepare your children– Talk to your kids about what to expect. Hype it up! It’s going to be fun! Let them know that we are going to spend time together playing a game or spend good family time together. Avoid bribing them or putting a time limit on things. Just encourage that good behavior, leave room for all their feelings during the session, and embrace what happens.

  • Make a list– keep a running list of things you want to bring. Or check out my tips for what to bring to a family session 😉

  • Consider your focus– are the photos or the film more important? Of course, both will happen during the course of the session, but if your heart beat is for the film, you may see less images in your gallery. If your goal is really to capture as many photos as possible, then your video may be shorter. It really depends on the family, so you want to consider what you are hoping for as the end product.

  • Pick a location– Do you want these in your home? Do you want to explore outside? Both? Let’s talk about your vision and make it come together!

This family nailed it! We had a small snag in the plans (hey, life happens!!) when little brother got a cut on his hand, but we worked through it all and the results are perfection! Proof that no matter what happens beautiful things are the result.
I am so thrilled to begin documenting more families like this and continue to tell more stories.

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