How To Take Good Pictures


Tips on telling the story of your family with your phone!

How To Take Good Pictures

Ashley Newman Photography

Technology just keeps getting better and better. it’s easier now than ever to capture the every day moments of your family. And while nothing will replace the talent and eye of an artist and professional photographer, there are some sure fire ways to curate images of your family and make a cohesive social media.

Here are my tips for taking pictures of your family for every-day-moments:

  • Watch before you start to take pictures: Let the moment unfold and watch for things to naturally happen. Sometimes that means you capture something entirely candid and beautiful. Other times, it means you may miss a moment. That’s ok! I miss them too. Ask your kiddo to do it again, “I love the way you kissed baby sister! Can you show me how you did that again?” They won’t always repeat it and that is ok. Enjoy the moment you were able to experience and try again.

  • Get on their level: Sit on the ground, lay down or climb up on something. See what they are seeing and adjust your perspective.

  • Try taking pictures during the golden hour: Aim for the hour before sun sets to get stunning lighting!

  • Ask questions: silly, serious and ones that make them think! Get their responses and faces.

  • Don’t forget the details: One of the most important components of taking pictures is the storytelling aspect. Little things that fade like baby mullets, chubby knuckles and scraped up knees.

  • Don’t zoom: instead, physically move closer or further away from your subject.

  • Keep moving: photograph activities and daily things to create movement and interest in your photos.

At the end of the day, telling a story can be as simple as pictures of your kids playing, for as prompted as throwing leaves in the air while you capture the magic. Remember to be patient, and participate so you can enjoy the moment as much as you loved capturing it.

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