Newborn Safety and Your Dogs


So you want to include your dogs in your newborn session. Check out some of my safety tips to make sure your baby is never put in a compromising situation.

Newborn Safety and Your Dogs

Woodlands Newborn Photography

Fur babies- man’s best friend and our babies before we had babies, right? I get it- they are part of the family and you want pictures that reflect that. This sweet family wanted to include their dogs in their newborn session.
A lifestyle newborn is the perfect opportunity and setting for something like this. Your animals are already in their space and comfortable, and we have space to speed out and get a feel for how the session will come together.

  • Bring items from the hospital before you bring your baby home. Let your animals smell baby hats or blankets that your newborn has worn. Bringing home a baby is a big change for everyone including animals. Since smell is so important, i always recommend doing this.

  • Start slow and remember, animals are just that- animals. you never know how they will react so please use extreme caution. Regardless of how they have behaved in the past or around other peoples’ children, it is important to always stay protective and smart. Do not leave your newborn alone with animals, period.

  • Try easy positions like sitting on a couch or chair with your animal next to you. Always be careful when allowing your animal to inspect, smell or get close to your baby. For this family, we had the dogs sitting next to them on the couch and they did awesome!

  • Do not force the animals to do anything. If they won’t naturally do it, or respond to a command to do something, do not try to force them into positions or locations.

  • Pay attention to signals and body language- if your animal is acting timid, scared or just generally not interested, avoid trying to have them photographed with your newborn. Basically, trust your gut and be vigilant.

  • Try to have help on hand if possible. We had family near by out of the frame that was able to put the dogs away when we were done and able to help throughout the entire session.

Just remember, always go with the mood of the animal or the day. I love those images of babies all snuggled up with dogs, but sometimes this just isn’t reasonable or smart. A more organic approach with your animals participating in a passive way is always my go-to. Having them on the couch with you, at the foot of the bed or even in the background of the image are safe alternatives to including your pets.
Take a look at this newborn session and see how they were able to include their dogs in ways that were safe.

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