Photographing Older Babies


Is there such a thing as a baby that is too old for newborn pictures? Take a peak at this post if your baby will be older than 10 days at the time of your photo session.

Photographing Older Babies

Woodlands Newborn Photography

You read that right- there is such a thing as an “older” newborn baby. I know that sounds crazy!
But sometimes parents couldn’t decided if they wanted newborn photos so they waited later to book. Sometimes there is illness or personal matter that prevents pictures from taking place. And other times your baby has an unexpected NICU stay. It happens despite our best planning and efforts.

I generally recommend parents who are expecting to book their newborn sessions between 12-30 weeks pregnant. But I know that it doesn’t always work out that way. Newborn sessions go more smoothly when your baby is between 4-10 days of life. Your baby is still very sleepy, moldable and less alert during this window.
I think that is one incredible advantage to lifestyle newborn photography, but I love it because there are so many more.

Advantages of Lifestyle Newborn Photos

  • Your baby can be awake. We don’t do many wraps or “poses’“. It’s more natural and positions are never forced or unsafe. You will be spending a lot of time snuggling and holding your baby. If they are awake, it’s ok! And we have time to settle them in the comfort of your own home. So no matter how old your baby is, the flow of the session and the types of pictures taken will be similar.

  • You are starting to have a schedule. You have been home and you know generally when you will feed and sleep. While I often plan to come to your home between 11-1, we can work around your scheduled feedings and family time.

  • You don’t have to travel. One of my favorites. I come to you. It can be so hard to get yourself together, plan outfits and get ready and get out the door. In-home sessions are more relaxed and comfortable- it’s your space.

  • Less exposure. Even “older” babies don’t need to be exposed to other people more than they have to be. It’s your house, so you can trust that 😉

  • You have everything you need. ‘Nuff said, right? Baby spits up? No problem. Need to feed? It’s all good! You have all the things you need!

  • They are fun! I seriously love them because its all about connection and relationships. You are able to let down your walls a little, relax and enjoy the process.

Sneak a look at this family- grandma was in visiting from China and we were able to capture so many tender moments for this family, it makes my heart sing.

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