Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal


This gender reveal is THE BOMB! See what I did there? #dadjokes

Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal

Ashley Newman Photography

It’s not easy to come up with a clever way to announce the gender of your baby. First it was cakes. Then it was confetti…I have seen exploding baseballs and golfballs. Balloons and paint. But I think by far, smoke bombs are my favorite!
They are quick! They don’t leave behind a mess. And they have this fun wow-factor to them that makes the announcement so exciting!
If you are considering using these for a special project, or your own announcement, here are some tips to make sure you get it right!

  • These smoke bombs are from Pro Edge PB and they were amazing to work with! The bombs are covered in a white paper so it doesn’t reveal the coloring and you can buy a whole assortment of colors.

  • Make sure to buy TWO bombs in both colors. I like to make sure you have one bomb so we can catch your initial shock and surprise, and a second one so we can do more creative shots with it after. You want both colors for both genders so there won’t be any way for you to guess or know before the big reveal!

  • Have a trusted person open the envelope containing the gender before the reveal and prepare the proper smoke bombs for you.

  • Stand back and make sure to do this in an open and ventilated space. Follow all instructions (Pro Edge has a great Youtube video that shows you exactly how to use the smoke bomb).

  • Bring water and a trash bag to properly dispose of your smoke bombs when you are done. Please please please do not liter or forget this part. Throwing a smoke bomb to the side or even just in an open trash can is asking for problems and maybe even fire!

I hope this helps and I hope you have a blast with this fun creative idea! How did you reveal the gender of your baby?

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