What Season is Best for Family Photos? 


Houston weather can be unpredictable, but when is the best time for family photos? Is there a season that works the best?

What Season is Best for Family Photos? 

The Woodlands Family Photographer

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Coming in hot with a maybe unpopular opinion- there is no right season for family photos. 

There. I said it. I feel so much better!
Seriously though, I feel like your memories are too important to be defined by a specific season.
If you want to take photos, don’t wait. Book the session and make it happen. 
We can invent all the reasons in the world not to do it, but at the end of the day it’s all excuses and missed seasons of life. I see you, mama…it’s hard and you have all these goals and visions and things to take care of. But when the little years are gone, all that’s left are the memories and photos- so make them good ones. 

Texas weather is too unpredictable, we don’t have true defined seasons like other parts of the country have, and your family photos can happen regardless of all of those things. 

Each season we *do* get in these parts has truly beautiful things about them.

Whether you are looking for the freshness of spring, the warmth of summer, or the dramatic skies of winter, there is something to appreciate about the beauty of our area.

One thing I used to think (back in my early days of getting married and planning a wedding) was that my bridesmaids and decor all had to match the season we were getting married in. It seems silly to me now, 17 years later. I don’t look at the photos and say, “wow that was a beautiful fall wedding”. Instead, I just look at them and just enjoy them.
It’s the same with your family photos. They should remind you of the season of life you are in, not how hot it was or what was blooming that month, or what props you used. It’s about connections, memories, and all the little details of your unique family.
The best season for family photos is the one you have them taken in. Period. 

So get out there, make it happen and don’t worry about the rest!

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