What To Bring to Your Beach Session


The beach is the perfect summer location for family photos. What should you bring to your session?

What To Bring to Your Beach Session

Galveston Family Photographer

Ashley Newman Photography

Admitting that the beach is not my favorite place doesn’t seem like a way to start a blog. I can see that. But hear me out- because I’m not a huge fan, I have spent a lot of time preparing myself and my family to make sure the beach is as enjoyable as possible.
I especially prefer Galveston because the sand doesn’t seem to stick to your skin as much and the entrance to the ocean itself is not very deep- you can wade and not go all the way in. It feels like a win-win for this mountain loving gal.
My favorite time to go to the beach is when my kids want to go and when I am there taking your family photos. It’s just different and brings with it a different kind fo satisfaction that makes my heart happy.
If you find yourself with the wonderful idea that you want beach photos, don’t worry! I got you! Going to the beach may not be my all time favorite thing, but your family is and that is all that matters.

Preparing For Your Beach Photos

  • No Fear
    Get ready to get wet and dirty because it’s going to happen. Plus, being adventurous makes for the best memories. Remember to be flexible too- the weather on the coast changes so quickly, so it’s best to make sure you are staying flexible and roll with whatever the session brings with it. I find those are the best photos anyway 😉

  • Sunscreen
    That feels like a given, but it’s still smart to go ahead and wear some to the beach. That sun hits different down there.

  • Snacks and Water
    The drive out to Galveston is a little long for some little kiddos. Make sure everyone stays happy with food and drinks.

  • No Shoes
    Just kick them off when we get to the sand. Let those toes be free!

  • Towels
    Or even a change of clothing. If you are hanging with me, we are going to get in that water haha! It can feel uncomfortable to have sandy wet clothing stuck to your legs, so you may want to have a backup outfit that you can comfortably ride back home in.

  • Plastic Bags
    Make sure you keep your phones, keys and other special items in a sand-proof bag or plastic bag.

  • Sand Toys
    Pack a few activities for your kids to do and make sure to get down there and do it with them!

Beach sessions are so much fun and I feel lucky that we even have Galveston as such a close option. No matter what, be ready to have fun and make amazing memories!

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