What Happens If There’s Bad Weather?


So what do you do if the weather suddenly changes or isn’t good? Here are a few tips I share with all my clients in case the weather is less that ideal:

What Happens If There’s Bad Weather?

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You’ve schedule your family pictures

You’ve picked a location….you got outfits all laid out and you’ve been tracking the weather like crazy. The day finally arrives and the weather has changed!

So what do you do if the weather suddenly changes or isn’t good?

Here are a few tips I share with all my clients in case the weather is less that ideal:

  • Texas weather is unpredictable. It just is. I do not use a studio, so if the weather is less than ideal (super gloomy/drizzling, raining, or extreme heat or cold), we will reschedule to a different date. I do not expect multiple reschedules, but it comes with the territory sometimes. I would rather hold out for a beautiful sunny day than force a lighting situation that isn’t ideal. (Is Overcast Right For You?)

  • Plan B- if we DO need to change our location, ask about adding on a studio rental or finding an indoor location that will work. (fees or permits may apply, so ask your photographer! This may also change the time of your session depending on lighting.)

  • Plan for layers- even if it’s hot. Not only does it add depth to your pictures but you may just end up needing it! haha!

  • Make sure your shoes can handle ground that might be a little mushy. If you have flats or open toe shoes on, you may get dirty feet.

  • Be flexible. Sometimes its best just to laugh and go with it! The best photos happen when you are relaxed and ready to go with the flow. I promise I will do everything in my power to make sure your pictures are set during the best time of day with the best situation possible. 🙂

Final Thoughts

Rescheduling sessions is never what we want either. We coordinate our lives for them, too. Add in the fact that it is the tail end of the busy holiday season for most….I promise your photographer wanted to have your session on the scheduled day, too.

However, photography is ALL about LIGHT. We RESPECT & VALUE your money, prep time and the fact that these images will be a visual of your family’s legacy. They M A T T E R and deserve to be all that they can be vs. a compromise.

We do not want you to settle for LESS THAN. We know what you are expecting and light is the critical ingredient for that.

Admire and appreciate a photographer that would rather rearrange their lives to give your session a BETTER DAY. It WILL be worth it.

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Ashley Newman Photography is a Woodlands Family Photographer and Storyteller specializing in outdoor family photography. In addition to lifestyle family portraits, Ashley and her award-winning team offer day-in-the-life legacy sessions, outdoor maternity sessions, fresh 48 hospital portraits and in-home newborn photography. Ashley Newman Photography serves Montgomery county, North-Houston areas: The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Houston and Magnolia.

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