10 Makeup Tips for Family Photos


The amazing Monks joins us to give her top tips to help you prepare for professional makeup or make your own makeup enhanced for photos.

10 Makeup Tips for Family Photos

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Welcome back Monks, from The Indigo Hair Salon. She is my go-to gal for my own hair and makeup every year. These are her top tips for prepping for professional make up.
Schedule your appointment with Monica in advance to make sure you look as fabulous as this couple at your session!

  • TIP 1 Prep skin properly— Skin preparation is key for any makeup application. It’ll ensure that your make up stay all day and that youre working on the cleanest, smoothest canvas.
    1. Cleanse the face. Make sure to rinse it thoroughly. Find a cleanser that is pH balanced and suits your skin type.
    2. Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and make up that builds up throughout the week 1-2x/week
    3. Moisturize. Find one that suits your skin type and offers all day hydration.
    4. Primer. Primer insures that your makeup stays on all day without caking or creasing, they also help with color correcting. Green primers will cancels out any redness in your skin while lavender primers will brighten and dull lifeless skin. Side note: NO new face products a week before the shoot

  • TIP 2 Lightweight Foundation— Heavy foundation can come across cakey in photographs. You are just looking to cover discoloration and make your skin look smoother.

  • TIP 3 Conceal imperfections— Use concealer where you feel you need for coverage. Cover blemishes and under the eyes. TIP 4 Powder Use powder in your oily zones. The usual spots are forehead, nose and chin. You can also powder under the eyes to prevent creasing. Side note: avoid HD powders because it can create flashback and wash you out in photos.

  • TIP 5 SPF— Use spf under 30, anything under will cause you to look whiter in photos

  • TIP 6 Blush— Don’t forget to use blush, you may use a little more than usual so it can show up in photos

  • TIP 7 Eyebrows— Eyebrows are the picture frame of the face. I recommend using brow gel to keep them in place because they have a tendency to move.

  • TIP 8 Highlight— Highlight cheekbones and center of eyelids. Do not go too heavy because it may come off as sweat in photos.

  • TIP 9 Wear more than you think— It’s always a good idea to wear a little more makeup than you do on a daily basis. Go a shade darker for your liner and lip color because it will show up better on photographs

  • TIP 10 Focus on you— Your makeup should not be overpowering. It should only enhance your features. Remember your smile will be your best feature!

Part of what made this session so flawless (besides the fact that this couple is just darling and oozing with loveeeee) was that she had her hair and makeup professionally done prior to the shoot! Not only does it just make you feel good and special, but it can make all the difference with the end result.

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