7 Photos To Take Before Leaving The Hospital With Your Newborn


These are the details I look for at every Fresh 48 Session, and now I am sharing them with you. Add this list to your hospital bag so you are ready to grab all the memories!

7 Photos To Take Before Leaving The Hospital With Your Newborn

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Ashley Newman Photography

These days, many hospitals have a photographer who works for the hospital that goes room-to-room offering their services. It’s pretty handy but sometimes schedules don’t work out, you have a specific photographer you want to hire instead, or you prefer to capture them yourself (and save those pennies for a newborn session later!!).
The biggest thing to remember is that those first few days in the hospital are ones you can’t get back. So long as your memories are captured, it doesn’t matter how.
A hospital session is very different from a newborn session. One is raw, unfiltered and about the intimacy of those first few days after birth. The other is more posed and curated.
I have had clients work with me for fresh 48 sessions AND newborn sessions because they saw how quickly the babies changed and they wanted it all documented.
No matter what you choose to do, make sure you document your baby.

These are the things I look for when I photograph a Fresh 48:
  • Feet and hands- I focus in on little toes, wrinkly hands and the fresh newness of baby.

  • ID bracelets and foot inking- how easy it is to lose these, or forget them? These are tiny details worth capturing.

  • Baby in the hospital bassinet- normally I have baby swaddled and placed in the bassinet near a window for some good light.

  • ID card placed in bassinet- that little announcement card they place in the bassinet? I always snap a photo of that!

  • Hospital hat and blanket- I’m sure you have a “going home” outfit picked out- take a photo of that too! But the nostalgia of those striped pink and blue hats is forever.

  • Nursing or feeding photos- these can be just for you or as a storytelling part of your journey.

  • Holding your baby- of course, it goes without saying, always get photos holding and taking care of your newborn.

COVID has changed a lot of practices and while you may not have as many visitors, or be able to have a photographer in your room, you can still capture these priceless moments of your family.

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