What To Do If Someone Gets Sick Before Family Photos


Sickness is just something that comes with little kids. Today we are talking about our rescheduling policies, COVID, and sickness.

What To Do If Someone Gets Sick Before Family Photos

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You planned everything perfectly and you are ready for family photos and then it happens- someone gets sick. I have three kids, I get it (last year we had LICE and 3 sinus infections all at the same time…we have the pedi on speed dial, let’s be real).
And with COVID still very much a threat, it’s more import than ever to think about our health and the health of those around us. I see many families a week, and a simple cold could easily jump from family to family if we aren’t thoughtful.

So what do you do if this happens right before your family session and what can you expect? 

  • At the first signs of illness, please text, email or call me. I want everyone to feel 100% and forcing the session to happen just isn’t it. There is nothing worse than trying to power through a cold, or hoping your kid is going to cooperate when they honestly just feel like garbage. Please touch base so we can work out a plan.

  • Will I lose my deposit? Absolutely not! Sickness is unavoidable- it just happens. I will work hard to be as flexible as possible to make sure you still have an amazing session at a later date. As soon as you are ready, we will look at my calendar and find a day that works best. In the event a date doesn’t work with Ashley, her associate photographer (and sister) is always an option as well.

  • What happens if it happens again? For special circumstances, I allow an additional cancellation and reschedules within the calendar year. We understand that it’s one of those things that can occasionally happen, so just talk with us and we will work it all out.

  • What if the new date doesn’t work out? Your payment is non-refundable, so I promise to work hard with you to make sure you get a date that works for everyone. I do not overbook my calendar, so while I may not always have the date you prefer, I will always have additional options on weekdays and weekends near the date of your original session. And of course, Sarah is open and ready to meet you as well. (Having your sister who has your back is the best!)

So it’s really that simple! Always check with your photographer to see what their policy is. Of course, it’s good to read your contract and know what you are signing. But at the end of the day, I feel it is my job to be as flexible as possible and work with you when you are back to feeling 100%.
So go ahead, text me or call and let’s get it all worked out.

If you have more questions about our contract, policies, or COVID, please give us a call! (832) 299-5679

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