What is The Best Location for Maternity Photos


How do you find the best location for maternity photos? Where do you even go in The Woodlands to find natural but beautiful spots? Let me show you!

What is The Best Location for Maternity Photos

Ashley Newman Photography

This adorable couple is expecting their first child and couldn’t wait to document it! Aren’t they just too cute together? The house you see in the background is actually their house! They wanted to have the session in their neighborhood with views that they see every day. I loved that idea so much, we just had to make it happen! They built their dream home and now they are waiting for their precious blessing to build the life together under that roof.
Whether you want to use this amazing idea or not, t can be hard to decide where to have pictures taken. Especially here in The Woodlands area. North-Houston is growing like woah, and finding a spot that isn’t crowded or private property can be kind of a nightmare.
Thankfully, I have curated several locations locally that are stunning!
Once you book a session with me, I send you a catalog with my favorite spots- i know the lighting, I know the area and we have permission to be on the property. It’s a win-win.

So how do you select a location?

  • Consider the feel you are going for. Do you want rustic, natural, city, tall pines or an open field? I have a variety of spots, and each one has a feel.

  • Consider the time of year. The sun changes and the light varies. Sometimes the light at certain spots or times of the year and really be so stunning. Each season has a natural beauty to it that shines. Ask your photographer what they recommend. if you love bright sunny days, or prefer something more dark and woodsy…there are locations that can give specific feels and looks.

  • Think about your home. You want to find a spot that suits how you have already decorated your space. (Say it with me: because you WILL be hanging these photos in your home!). So what matches your style?

  • How much nature do you really want? Some people just aren’t nature people. Is the location wild with tall grasses? Will the thought of maybe finding some bugs freak you out? It might be better to pick a park or someplace that is more maintained than other outdoor locations.

  • Is the property private or do they require a permit? Huge!! Make sure you are never trespassing and that if it is a public space they do not require permits to be maintained by the photographer.

  • Lastly- do you have a spot that has personal meaning? Oh man oh man are those ever my favorite. If you don’t favor any of the spots that are offered but you know that one park where your husband purposed to you will mean so much to you, talk to you photographer about it. It may be the best spot ever!!

Take a look at this darling couple’s session and let’s talk about your baby bump photos today!

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