What to Do if Your Child Has a Bruise Before a Session


What do you do if you get a blemish or your child has a bruise before photos? I got you! Check it out!

What to Do if Your Child Has a Bruise Before a Session

Ashley Newman Photography

You scheduled the session, you got all the outfits ready. And the day before your session your child topples over and bonks their head. A goose egg turns into a bruise. Guys!!! It’s like the inevitable zit! It always happens when you have young children!
I’ve had so many clients ask me what to do when this happens— so let’s tackle that now!

  1. Contact your photographer once you know there will for sure be a bruise or mark.

  2. Assess the damage- is there swelling? Did they need stitches? Is it in an especially tricky area? If the bruise or mark is close to or on an eye, it may be harder to fix in post. Talk to your photographer about the location and even send a picture. Photoshop is magic but swelling is also difficult to fix in post. Not everything can be erased but a scratch or bruise can generally be removed.

  3. Talk about a reschedule if necessary. If the damage is pretty bad, let’s look at a date when the swelling and discoloration may have subsided a little more.

I always work hard to remove any blemish or mark that is not a normal part of who you are. This session is a great example! Her youngest had a big bruise on his forehead, but it’s been removed in post so you can focus on how handsome he is and not the fact that he felt down before our session 😉
Sometimes the mark is too large, or in an odd enough place that it cannot be touched up in post. Always check with your photographer beforehand, but don’t fret! Most of the time these things can be taken care of easily!

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