Cloudy Day Maternity Session


Stunning boho maternity session- 4 reasons why you should keep your scheduled maternity session date even if it's a cloudy day.

Cloudy Day Maternity Session

The Woodlands Maternity Photographer

Ashley Newman Photography

Best laid plans in Houston can easily be foiled by our famous back-and-forth weather. There is a popular meme that circulates every spring and fall about experiencing all four seasons in one day- you know the one. So you also know how quickly things can change around here.
While it’s true I am known to be partial to a sunny day, there is something to be said for a cloudy day session as well.
If you are reading this blog, I’m sure you are being faced with a cloudy day for your scheduled session.

Don’t fret! I am here to tell you that your cloudy day is going to turn out incredible!

Why keep your cloudy day?

  • Sometimes rescheduling just isn’t an option. When you are pregnant, flexibility can be a little more challenging- you want to hit that sweet spot where you feel good, have a cute bump going and you get to enjoy your photos before baby comes. You simple may not be able to reschedule your session and that is ok! This beautiful boho maternity session is stunning even without the sun.
  • Talk to your photographer- absolutely share your concerns over the look of the images, and ask to see examples of their work on a cloudy day. Look for consistent editing and make sure the location you selected works well for a cloudy day.
  • Natures perfect filter- cloudy days provide a wonderful, soft, natural filter that cuts out all harsh shadows and any dappled light. It’s a great opportunity to get creative and explore the location you are using. For this session, we were able to face any direction because of the overcast day and play in wide open spaces I would have typically avoided on a more sunny day.
  • Embrace the weather and day- no season or weather is without its pros and cons. Trust your photographer and try to find the beauty in all conditions. If it is going to actively rain, you have special circumstances or you rented a dress, make sure to share that with your photographer.

This boho maternity session is all the reason why you should keep your sessions date- even if it’s overcast!
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