What To Do If It’s Foggy at Your Family Session


You show up to your photo session and there is fog everywhere- what do you do? Today we are looking at a foggy sunrise session- join me!

What To Do If It’s Foggy at Your Family Session

Foggy Day Photography 

Ashley Newman Photography

Foggy, moody sessions like this generally happen in the morning. It’s a special combination of just the right dew point, temps and time of year. If you have a sunrise session set for early spring or late fall, there is a high chance you could have fog at your session. So what happens when it’s foggy at your family session? 
Some people may worry or even consider rescheduling if fog is present, but I say embrace it. 

How to plan for a foggy photo session 
  • First- you will have to put up with my squealing with joy! I seriously love foggy morning photos. The way it slowly lifts as the session goes on creates an ever changing look but my favorite is the way we can get this atmospheric moody feel that almost feels romantic or dreamy. I just love love love fog.
  • Plan to get a smidge wet- Because there is so much water in the air, you are going to find that same water on the ground. Your shoes may pick up the water and we may end up sitting in it by the end. Trust me, it’s worth it. 
  • Fog creates a very even lighting situation. Much like a cloudy day, we have a natural filter on our sun shine, banishing harsh shadows and making you glow. 
  • It’s unique- how many times have you seen or had family photos in the fog? I love the unique feel, almost like you are in another place or another world. 
  • The best photos are unplanned- embrace the many moods of Texas weather and let your family connections shine as a result. 

This family didn’t know the fog would stick around as long as it did- neither did I. As I waited for them to arrive, I continued to beg the fog to stay. When they drove up to see the field sitting lazy with fog, we ran out ready to play in it. 

The results speak for themselves. 

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