Engagement Photos With Dogs


You are engaged to your sweetheart and it's time for photos! Peek my 6 tips for preparing your dog to be in your engagement session.

Engagement Photos With Dogs

6 Tips To Include Your Dog In Engagement Photos

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Photos with your fur baby are everything! When you pick that precious animal, you are committing to care for them for a lifetime. They are a loyal part of your every day life, and wanting to include them at your family photo session is absolutely normal. After over 10 years, I have seen my fair share of precious pups at sessions. It’s something I wish I would have planned for when my husband and I got engaged all those years ago…our precious dog has crossed the rainbow bridge since then, but he was the OG and he was with us from the very beginning. Don’t hesitate, bring your dog with you!

Here are my top tips for bringing your dog to pictures:

  • Prepare ahead of time by telling your photographer- fur babies are always welcome at your photo session! To me, they are a part of your family. Step one is always informing your photographer so everyone can make a plan and be ready.

  • Make a plan- when everyone is prepared, your photos come out more natural and incorporating your dog is seamless. One reason I like to prepare ahead of time is so we have help. If it is possible, have a family member or friend come along to the session to help with your dog. Occasionally, my assistant is able to come and help as well, so it’s a good thing to mention to your photographer in case they are able to help in that way.
  • Location, location, location- I have a catalog of locations all my clients get to choose from. It is important to choose one that has fewer distractions and more privacy. If I know your dog is coming along, I can suggest the best location for our session together. Some clients also like to take their dog to the location early or a few days before the session to get familiar with the spot.
  • Disposition- every dog is different. They have unique personalities and preferences. You know your dog better than anyone else- make sure to share your dog’s personality with your photographer so everyone is comfortable and ready. If your dog is excitable, mellow, reactive, better off leash, older, etc…all these details help and should be shared.
  • Pack your dogs essentials the night before- make sure to bring a leash, treats, water and a towel.
    If you are feeling extra, like me, make sure to pack your dog’s bandana to match your outfits. I love these shops for cute bandanas: KistuneCreation and OneBigFurryWorld
  • Grooming- make sure to have your dog groomed before the session to reduce hair and have your dog looking their best.

Whether you want your dog to join for the whole session or only part of the session, is totally up to you. Just remember to relax, let your dog ease into it and go with the flow of the session. Try not to put too much pressure on the situation and enjoy each other.
If you are looking for more tips on pet photography, check out these tips from a vet!

Take a look at this darling couple- they pulled of the sweetest engagement session with their teddy bear of a dog!

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