Family Photos with Teens


Have you shied away from family photos because you think your kids are too older for them now? I am here to tell you- don’t wait!! Take a look at this family for all the tips and inspo you need to plan your next family session.

Family Photos with Teens

Taking Pictures with Older Kids

Ashley Newman Photography

As my own children get older, I often wonder what our family photos will begin to look like. Right now, we have a lot of snuggles and playing games, rolling around in the grass together and climbing into mamas arms. I’m sure you have seen it too- long flowing gowns, moms with their babes still in their arms and eskimo kisses filling up your social media feeds. These types of photos are lovely and memorable for sure. But what does it look like when your children have grown?
There is still a place for family photos in your life! Please do not hesitate to make memories happen because you feel like your family doesn’t look like that anymore!

Take this adorable family for example! Amazing connections shine through and awesome moments are captured no matter what age your children are or what stage your family is in! Do not hold back!

Here are some tips for taking photos with older kids:

  • Be yourself- Don’t focus on a stage that might not have been documented previously or when your children were younger. Bring who you are now to the session and let that shine through.

  • Get ready to have some fun- While you won’t be carrying your children around in your arms or playing ring around the rosey, we will be moving around a lot, spending time together and making memories happen! I may prompt you to do some silly things, or stuff that feels silly, but the end result is going to be true to you!

  • Posed vs Unposed- There will likely be more opportunities for posed images- the ones were everyone is looking at the camera. That is totally fine! It is ok for your family to look at the camera, and I promise we will have lifestyle (or unposed) images as well.

  • Think of a photo you want- Go ahead, dream of that image. Because we won’t be chasing toddlers around, I want you to really think about ways you can be more vulnerable with your children. Often, I might ask you to tell your child something that they do that makes you proud. Or look into their eyes and just talk to one another. Hug or dream out loud together. Let the connection you have with them, even if its something you do together, shine through and don’t shy away from intimacy.

At the end of the day, we can always think of a million reasons or excuses to avoid photos (as a mom, I know i can always pick something about myself). Don’t do that to yourself or your legacy! Take the time to capture your family for tomorrow and the future!

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