How To Store Old Photos


Wondering how to store your images now that they have been printed? What about old photos or ones that you have laying in a drawer? It’s time to make sure they are cataloged and stored properly!

How To Store Old Photos

Protect Your Memories

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There is something so satisfying about holding a physical print in your hand. Whether it is in an album, hung on your wall or in a box for you to enjoy, don’t leave your photos on social media! Hang your photos, fill your house with them and surround yourself with memories!

How To Store Prints

Printing photos is so important! Don’t let your images sit on a haridirve or go to social media to die! Print print print!! The NY Times shares a great article on how to store your physical prints so they last a lifetime.

  • Print Quality- The lab you select plays an important role. I love Mpix for their quality as well as super fast delivery! They use acid-free paper and I have found my images look best on their matte paper.

  • Storage- If you have servile prints just floating around, consider an archival print box. We aren’t really sure how plastic affects image quality over time, so it is best to pick an acid free archival cardboard box. Keep it in a cool, dry location.

  • Documentation- If you want to label or organize your images, archivists actually prefer lead pencils. Ink will eventually degrade your images over time. Gently, using a lead pencil, share details about the year or season the images was taken, or special notes on the back of the picture.

  • Location- If possible, avoid locations like attics, garages and basements. Instead, store them in closets, cabinets or even under a bed.

  • Avoid Adhesives- acids can slowly eat away at old photos and eventually degrade them over time.

  • Stacking- make sure to keep all images flat, and do not overstuff the container.

  • Displaying- In Home Care advises that if you want too display your images, “Choose a spot in your home that does not receive direct sunlight, fluorescent light, or UV light. The location should also be one where there is no risk for a leak, flood or water damage, or the possibility for rodents or insects to infest it.”

For details on how to safely store digital files, check out our latently blog post!

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