How to Do A Gender Reveal


Planning a gender reveal or pregnancy announcement is so much fun! Take a peek at this adorable reveal and our top tips for planning your own!

How to Do A Gender Reveal

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I’m just going to go ahead and say it….you’re here for the sex 😉 I kid I kid…but seriously, gender reveal photography is one of the most fun sessions I offer. And if you are here reading this blog, I’m betting you are trying to plan your big reveal.
Whether you are hosting a party or revealing with your partner, I’ve got tips for how to make sure this moment is special.

Planning Your Gender Reveal

  • Decide on how you want to share
    Some host a party, some set up an online zoom for live viewing, and other prefer to keep it private. It’s totally up to you how you want to share your big news, but start here first.

  • Schedule your bloodwork
    After you have decided how you want to share, you will want to discuss your options with your doctor. Most OBs can offer bloodwork that will tell you the gender of your baby pretty early. Others combine it with an ultrasound, so make sure to find out how they set this up. If you tell your doctor beforehand that you want it to be a surprise, they can offer creative ways to hand over the details. My doctor wrote down the gender and put it in an envelope for me. Other clients have been able to share the news with a trusted friend or family member over the phone so that one person knows. Make sure to chat with your doctor to see what your options are and that you have someone on board you can trust with the information.

  • Pick your reveal
    There are a ton of creative ways to reveal the gender of your baby. I really like the smoke bomb options because it doesn’t harm the environment. (Please consider going with a biodegradable option!) The Bump has some really clever options to check out. I use ProEdge for local smoke bomb purchases.

  • Make a plan
    Whether that involves setting a date for a party or finding a photographer and a private spot to take pictures, this is the next step. it varies on when you will find out, but generally between 12-18 weeks is when you can learn the gender of your baby. Discuss your plan with your photographer and get ready for the surprise of a lifetime!

This precious couple had no idea of their baby gender when they showed up to their session. Her best friend had been given the envelope and picked up the smoke bombs to be used at the session. it wasn’t until they pulled the ring on the smoke bomb that they learned more about the little life inside.
It was such a fun reveal and their excitement was contagious!
No matter how you decide to share your news, make it memorable and don’t forget to have someone there to document it!

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