What To Bring To A Photoshoot With Kids


Join us as we explore different topics that YOU asked in preparing your kids for your family session!

What To Bring To A Photoshoot With Kids

Can I Bring Toys To My Photo Session?

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Recently, I conducted a poll among my friends and clients to find out your burning questions- what do you want to know when it comes to preparing for your family photo session? It’s a big question because we all have different concerns before coming to have our photos made- mostly just how the heck do I get everyone there, coordinated and in one piece? Am I right?!
But seriously, I know first hand that a lot goes into prepping to have photos taken.
The big topic being covered today: Can you bring toys to a photo session?


Please bring them! I encourage families to being whatever they can to grab their child’s attention. They will already have a stranger in their face trying to illicit smiles, so bringing a fun distraction can be helpful. Here are some things I tell clients who ask about what to bring to a session.

  • Avoid bringing too many items- 1 or 2 favorite toys should be plenty. It’s something familiar and comfortable for them. Bring a toy that really grabs their attention, lights up or always gets them to smile.

  • Bring a lovie- a special blanket or stuffed animal that you know might help them. Remember, it may make it into some photos, so just keep that in mind if you decide to bring something they are super attached to. The goal is to build trust and I would feel horrible if taking away that special beloved item brought tears instead.

  • Pack snacks and special treats.

  • Be ready to sing songs or play games. If you kiddo has a song of the week they love, let’s sing together. These photos are all bout engaging with your child, so get ready to sing Baby Shark or play Ring Around the Rosie.

  • Avoid using your cell phone. That’s kind of a last ditch effort to get you kid to participate. I find that after the cell phone comes out, they have checked out.

  • Let your child explore and engage with them as they check out their new surroundings.

And most important, bring an open heart. I am a super “go with the flow” type of person. Wow will spend plenty of unhurried time together, so don’t sweat the small stuff. Embrace what happens and engage with your child no matter their mood. Your session will ultimately reflect your relationships and connections: the most important things in life.

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