How To Talk To Your Photographer About Body Image


It's not an easy topic to talk about, but let me walk you through it so you can know what to expect and how to talk to your photog.

How To Talk To Your Photographer About Body Image

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This is not a posing guide. It’s a pep talk!

We all have something that we perceive as our biggest flaw or a thing we would change about ourselves. It’s a hard reality of being human in a world obsessed with social media and image. 

When I talk to moms about having their pictures done, the biggest concern by far is a fear over how they will look in those pictures. It holds us back, this fear. It stops of from going out, from sharing, from participating fully and from living. 

It’s a touchy subject but it’s a real one and we should be able to talk about it in safe spaces. 

So how do you bring it up with your photographer? 

  • Be honest. Please tell your photographer if you have something that bothers you or makes you uncomfortable. We want you to enjoy having your photos made because we can see the beauty unfolding before our camera! We already see it there and we want you to see it too. If you share your thoughts and you’re honest with your photographer, it will help everyone know what to expect. 
  • Be realistic. Once you’ve shared your feelings, it doesn’t mean your photographer will be able to make those insecurities go away. Every photographer has different comfort levels with editing and different skill sets when it comes to photoshop. 
    Chat with your photographer about what is realistic for your session. 
    Got a blemish? I got you! 
    Got a bad haircut? Let’s reschedule! No big deal! 
    Want to see your teeth a little whiter? Done! 
    Want your braces edited entirely off? We may need to chat. 
    Some photographers offer “vanity editing” and others don’t touch photoshop at all. Make sure you are working with someone who is the right fit. 
  • Choose clothing you feel comfortable in, that flatters you. A photoshoot isn’t the time to try to fit into “goal” clothing. It’s a time to make you look and feel your very best! Extra stress over what you are wearing just adds all kind of bad vibes. 
    Instead, reach out if you need help. Be it your photographer or your trusted bestie. 
    Be honest with them: “I like these dresses but which one makes my arms look better.” 
    We are here to help and want you to rock your session! 
  • Asking for poses. There is nothing wrong if you want to avoid specific poses or even have requests. Share those with your photographer before or during the session. 
    I personally do not have a list of poses that work for specific bodies or people- all poses are for all people. But if there is a pose that would make you feel more confident or could even use a small tweak to really get you glowing, that is something we can all make happen. 
    For other situations, I may suggest lifting your chin lifting, or turning your body to add more comfort. And of course, we can always avoid any position you personally do not like. 

All bodies are good bodies. There are no perfect poses or better positions or ideal versions of you. And while we can be our own worst critics, when your family looks at these pictures they will see the person they love. And that is all that matters at the end of the day. 

Your body is doing its job taking care of you and carrying you to the places you want to go- it’s a beautiful and wonderful machine and there is nothing wrong with you just as you are. 

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