Mini Session vs Full Session


Only you know what works best for your family- that is why today we are talking about the pros and cons of full vs mini sessions!

Mini Session vs Full Session

What is Right For my Family?

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It’s a question I have been asked more times than I can count…so let’s talk about it. Uncensored, real and honest- today on the blog!
What is right for one family may not be right for another. Both session types have their place.
I think the best way to approach this question is with a pro and con list, so let’s dive into what we all know you came here for!

Let’s talk about a full session

A full session might be right for you if you have a specific vision for your pictures. That could mean you have a location or look you are going for, or even a specific time of year. When you book a full session, you have flexibility to choose from more dates and locations. 
Full sessions last longer and are booked throughout the year. While I don’t typically set a timer for our session, you can expect a full session to last around 45-60 minutes. 
Many parents worry their young children won’t be able to make it through a full session, but you might be surprised at how well your kiddo can handle a lifestyle session! Especially when the focus is not about posing, but rather capturing moments. With more time to focus on your family, we will play games, take breaks for snacks, and allow space to roam and move around. The time spent is unhurried and most families end up really loving the experience. 
A full session also allows us time to explore a location. That may mean we get to go on a hike together, explore a new park, or find hidden gems within a location. 

Why pick a mini session? 

Mini sessions may fit your family better if you are looking to document a specific milestone or season. They are perfect for families on a budget, or a mama who is wanting to quickly document their 6 month old’s chunky smile.
While it’s true that mini sessions are shorter, you know your family best and for some families, that time frame works perfectly. 
Mini sessions are less flexible- they are typically booked during seasons (think fall or spring), and generally there is a client before or after your booked time frame. For most, this isn’t an issue, but if you think your child may need more time to get comfortable in front of the camera, you may want to steer clear of mini sessions.
With a smaller session comes less images- but that may be what you are looking for. A cake smash session is a great example of a short, sweet photoshoot. 

No matter what you end up going with, both sessions have their place. I love them both for different reasons, and ultimately you have to choose what works best for your family. 
These stunning images were part of a creative motherhood project that left me wanting more sessions just like this! Motherhood sessions will always have a special place in my heart- I love being able to get creative in this way. 
Do you have a special project in mind? Let’s talk! 

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