Newborn Photography Outside


Newborn photos outside? Yes! It's literally my favorite ever and today we are talking about when to book your newborn session!

Newborn Photography Outside

How Soon After Birth Do You Do Newborn Photos? 

Ashley Newman Photography

Everyone has different comfort levels and reasons for when they decide to book a newborn photo session. Today we are diving into when you should book your baby’s session and taking a look at an amazing outdoor newborn for a little bit of inspo!
It took me a while, personally, to set ours up for my oldest because I was so scared. We had already been through so much to get pregnant and I wasn’t ready to book an apportionment until I *felt* ready. So in general, I do not believe there is a specific time that is best for booking a session. It’s what you feel comfortable with and where you are.

When To Book Newborn Photos
  • Booking First Thing– Heck yes! You just found out and you are ready! Part of celebrating that excitement is booking a gender reveal, an announcement or even planning those newborn photos. If you’re ready to get a jump on things, reserve your estimated due date and make it happen. 
  • Mid Pregnancy– I see this as the typical suggestion within the photography community. Waiting until about 20 weeks to schedule newborn photos creates a space for your to prepare, settle into your pregnancy and day-dream about the little life inside. It also gives you plenty of time to plan, budget appropriately and ensures you get the photographer of your dreams. 
  • Baby Is Here– Sometimes it just happens. Life got away from you. You weren’t ready. You thought you didn’t want photos but then you did. You have other kiddos and real-talk, it just happens. Whatever your reason, booking right before or right after your baby is born can be risky. It’s not a bad thing, but may require more flexibility on your end. The photographer you wanted could be booked up or may have dates further out than you want. 
Lifestyle Newborn Photography

One of the best parts of being a lifestyle photographer is that your baby can never be “too old” for photos. If you are delaying photos for health reasons, or your timing was a little late, don’t fret! We do not need your baby to be completely still and asleep for pictures! So how soon after birth do you do newborn photos?
I generally advise within the first 4-10 days of life. But this is not a hard-fast rule. Babies are still “newborn” until they are 2 months old! 

We can absolutely still capture all the snugly, sweet, connected, sleepy moments of new life. 

Lifestyle photos are all about the connection- not the pose. Many photographers suggest that first week of life because your baby is generally more sleepy and easier to settle into a swaddle for posed pictures.
But your baby is never too old for connection. This darling family who has stolen my whole heart brought their little guy outside and we made some dang magic happen. No stress on poses or sleeping- just all the love.

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