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Did you know what you wear, the current season and even location can completely transform the way your photos look? Today we are covering the best months for family photos in Houston and why.

Best Months To Take Family Photos

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We are entering the hottest part of the year and I am sure that family photos are the last thing on your mind. But, if you are here, then something is telling you it may be time.
Having been a professional photographer for 10+ years, and a Texas native, I have spent a lot of time watching the weather as well as keeping up with when the most ideal times for photos are.
The coloring of your photos and the overall look of them can change depending on factors such as location, what you are wearing and even the time of day/year.
We aren’t going to dive into the time of day with this post, but rather the months and the pros and cons of each one.

Best Time For Photos in Houston

January – Early March: You’re recovering from all the family activities…the spending and starting a new year. It’s not my busiest season, but that’s not the only reason why. Many plants have died back during these months and it’s much colder (too cold for many toddlers and young children). One advantage to booking during this time is you get more open skies, and colors have shifted to more neutrals and moody magentas.

March – May: Prime photo taking season! We have some humid days, some cold days, so while the weather can be a smidge unpredictable, it’s still on average cooler outside. Everything begins to turn green and the light changes from less magenta to more bright and golden. Plus it’s bluebonnet season!

June – September: The light is a deep golden warmth that is hard to describe. Of course it’s hot and humid, but the deeper greens and warm sunlight are so stunning this time of year. Plus you have the advantage of doing sessions in the creek or in Galveston.

October – November: We have entered peek season for photos again. It could rain, could be amazing or could be another Houston summer day. It’s a roll of the dice but for the most part, things begin to crisp up- you have clear, brisk days mixed in with lower humidity. This is the most popular time to take photos and understably so!

What is your favorite season?
These are late summer photos at a stunning farm with sunflowers that I just love to visit! If i had to pick a season I prefer, it would be summer and early fall. The heat gets me every time, but the colors are out of this world!

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