Outdoor Newborn Photography and What to Expect


We love getting creative and getting outside! Is an outdoor newborn session right for you?

Outdoor Newborn Photography and What to Expect

Taking Newborn Photos Outside

Ashley Newman Photography

Lifestyle newborn photography opens the door for so much creativity. From spending time in the safety of your own space, to getting outside, I love to photograph families and their new baby.
Living in Texas is particularly advantageous because our weather lends itself to more outdoor sessions.
If you choose to do an indoor newborn session, I generally ask my clients to make sure their house is heated to 80 degrees. Baby likes the heat and it helps them feel comfortable and settled.

According to RSS, January is the coldest month in Houston. So if you are having a winter baby, you may consider staying inside. However, with spring right around the corner, an outside adventure may be right for you!

Outdoor Newborn Tips

  • Plan the right clothing- If it’s going to be hot outside, make sure your whole family is prepared. Wear layers, and comfortable clothing that suits the season. Your baby may love the warmth, but make sure to have the proper swaddled and under clothing so no body heat is lost in the winter. (I promise we will not be a situation where your child is exposed to excessive heat or direct sunlight). If the weather is colder, i may suggest going inside instead- check with your photographer to make sure the conditions are appropriate.

  • Expect the unexpected- Just like with any session, children and babies can be unpredictable. While my sessions generally have a time listed as part of the package, with newborns in particular, they are baby-led. That means I follow cues from your baby and never force or push a situation. We may have to stop to nurse/feed, change a diaper or soothe a tired toddler. All of that is ok and I never set a timer for these kinds of things. So take the pressure of yourself and try your best to go with the flow.

  • Embrace the snuggle- The snuggle is real! I will be wrapping and posing your baby with various swaddles and in different positions outside. You will have tons of opportunities to naturally snuggle your new little one in the sunset. An outside session makes it easy for your older children to roam around, and feels more natural. You will have tons of opportunities to naturally interact with your family.

  • Think ahead- Plan for snacks, feeding breaks and natural down-time during the session. Bring bug spray, favorite toys/books, back up clothing/diapers, and burp cloths.
    What makes a lifestyle session feel so much more natural is the time between posing when you are nursing your baby, giving extra attention to your other children or just taking a break. I will lead and guide you as we move through our time together.

  • Be in the moment- Just enjoy the time. Fuss with your other children’s hair, give kisses freely, and let the natural beauty around you take your newborn’s session to the next level. Outdoor newborn sessions are so much fun, they are stunningly beautiful, unique and great for families of all sizes.

Thinking about your newborn session? It’s best to plan your session at about 20 weeks so you are on the calendar and have a plan. Not sure if your house is right? Don’t like your decor or are you in transition? An outdoor newborn may be right for you! Let’s plan your session today!

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